Redie: Cle de Peau 311 (BEST!!!)

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❤ Lip Stick, ❤Redie

IMG_20150107_162609extra-rich-lipstick-velvet-311  IMG_20150115_112214 IMG_20150115_112217

Cle de Peau extra rich lipstick (velvet) 311

I took these photos two months ago, so it wasn’t for review purposes. However this lipstick is my all time favorite!! The red color is STUNNING, BREATHE-TAKING and QUEEN Looking. The design of the lipstick is also carefully designed for user, I really could not find more to complain about it.

Hour lasting: 00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png
Smear-ness: 00F85CF3.png

Without doubts, this lipstick is my all time favorite, although it is EXTREMELY expensive, but I think it is well worth the price. The quality of the product is fabulous, and the color is long lasting. The red itself is not the TRENDY HIP look, but rather proper, Queen, High end. I was often asked what brand my lip stick is when I wear this one. I truly enjoy this red and would highly recommend to anyone that want to be a all rounded beauty. (Little dry when u wear for a day, put some lip balm on before your apply the lip stick would do)

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