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Keurig: Hazelnut Cappuccino

I don’t usually drink “fancy coffee” from Keurig, but my house is running low on sugar drink. This is Hazelnut flavor Cappuccino by Grove Square. Smell: Tastiness: Sweetness: Strong: Review: I was expecting much from the beginning, so the turn out was fairly acceptable, in […]

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Keurig : Paris Black Tea


This tea gave me a plesant surprise. It balance very well between “Tea” & “Fruity”
It might be little to dark for evening time, but it would be a great selection for morning or aftenoon,
when you need that little extra KICK.


Keurig Tea: Lemon Taxi

I drink coffee every morning and after, tea in between and at night. Lemon Taxi is a decaffeinated Lemon Infused Herbal Tea, by Prospect. Smell: Tastiness: Sweetness: Strong: Review: Overall, it is a great tea to drink and feel relax. It is yummy and not […]

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