Redie: Guerlain Rouge Parade 820

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Guerlain Rouge Parade 820

This is an exceptional red, Elegant and Bold 2 in 1 package. I have used it for one whole day and I am in love with it.

Hour lasting: 00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png
Smear-ness: 00F85CF3.png

I wore it a whole day, had a meal, went on a dog-walk, a shopping session and a meal. The color last long and decent after a full meal, I don’t feel the need to touch up just for the purpose of walking home.

The red of this tube is very elegant and high class, the tube itself has a beautiful design with 2 pieces of mirror in it. Handy, convenience and eyes candy.  The only down side is that it is little pricy but if you could afford it, it’s worth it.





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