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Watching how the traffic respond to the Siren is practically my favorite entertainment down the street.  I like to observe how efficient do traffics get away, it is very important for everyone to be alert to this matter because the delay and chain effect could lead to a possible loss of someone else family member.  I guess it is understandable that some drivers would think that “Oh the car in front of me isn’t moving”, or “Oh, they can squeeze by, or I am not sure whether it is on my lane, etc…” But it is not acceptable for anyone to use those excuse for their own laziness.  Especially when ambulance and or firefighter are trying to save lives.

In Canada, no where is practically CROWED, and the respond rate is disappointing, there were times I witnessed cars only start moving when the police are right behind them. I just want to share the thoughts where everyone should take the leads of moving away from the siren as soon as you see it coming. Practice it and remind other people do it when you are in their car. You might saved a few lives and you don’t even realized it,

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