Redie: Lancôme L’absolu Rouge 165

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This is Lancome L’absolu Rouge Lip Color 165 Rouge Grand Coeur

Lancome is not usually my to-go brand, but I got this and another red lip stick when the line launched. The are both red, but different, one more bright one more mature. This is the brithgter one, and I will present the other one in another entry.

The signature rose in Lancome logo and the advertisements have always give me a very mature, mother like look sense. But I feel these two I purchased are exception.

Still, it is a rather grown up red, it will make you look certificated and mature, if you wear something more formal, it would make you look professional , on the other hand, if you wear something trendy, it would give you a niche look.

Hour lasting: 00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png
Smear-ness: 00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png

L’Absolu Rouge – The Mythical Roses


My nude look before make up

imageThis is after a Mexican meal and hours of shopping and chatting.
It was left in almost perfect condition.

I wasn’t expecting much from the lipstick, but the outcome was very satisfying.
It is a nice red, but it is not my typical to-go red.
I’d wear it at formal occasion and if I want to have a very contrast look.
The price is very acceptable and since it is long lasting,
I believe a tube would last very long.

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