Trip to America: Me and the randoms in Seattle

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Seattle is quite a nice city all rounded. The airport is clean and well organized (signs and directions), people are friendly and transportation is easy to get around.

Pike place market and the flowers inside are my all time favorites, although it is quite a touristy place,
but the flowers inside are resistible. I am a big fan of the daffodils, hyacinth, camuning and gardenia. They were breathe taking, beautiful and inexpensive. Holding some in hand just brighten up my day, all day. It is better than a diamond ring or bracelet by a designer.

Pike Place market has plenty of neat stuffs (probably over priced), but it is seem to worth it. I love to support local business and artists. Spending a day there cost me hundred of dollars. I purchased three bouquets of flowers, a set of couple shirts with guitar printing on that uses coffee bleach method (a T-shirt and a dress in same printing), one for me and one for my husband. Also, I got myself a 14k wired ring with a carol stone on (I was told carol is my birthday stone, January) for my pinky and a bracelet that is made out of recycle material (tires inside bicycle). The bracelet is also designed and made in Oregon by a local designer. I also spent money in plenty of yummy restaurants and cafes that keep my caffeinated all day long.

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