Old Soul Love: The lady in Red

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I came across these photos from Daily Mail, the red caught my eyes, of course.
Turned out these breathe taking photos are taken by a photographer name Mervyn O’Gorman, also known as the early pioneer of color photography.

I always admire people with old school skill, those whom build things with hand, those who brushes color on paper, etc. And, old school photographer especially gain more of my respect. (All the respects to new technology, I love them too) But film photography requires more attentions, technique, luck and money to come up with these kind of photo. They don’t get to snap hundreds of photo in a minute or adjusting all different fancy setting to accommodate the flaws.

These photos were taken in 1913 when O’Gorman was 42, so they are 102 year now. The pictures in my humble opinion have such wonderful structures of color, space and background. The model, also the daughter of O’Gorman is stunning looking and goes so well with the background. There were not much posing, skin exposure or make up but yet stunning and breathe taking.

Enjoy these photo as I do too. I especially like the one where she stares at the sky, the one she stands in front of the brick wall and the one where she sits next to the boat. The news also mentioned that they are trying to locate the lady in the photo, Christina O’Gorman and if one do so, please contact femail@mailonline.co.uk.

28059EE800000578-3061005-Christina_s_life_remains_a_mystery_as_there_are_no_recorded_deta-a-5_1430327529600 2805833C00000578-3061005-Mervyn_was_known_as_an_early_pioneer_of_colour_photography_and_u-a-7_1430327529671 2805834C00000578-3061005-The_images_were_taken_on_the_beach_at_Lulworth_Cove_Dorset-a-2_1430327529296 2805834800000578-3061005-Christina_is_seen_sitting_on_the_Dorset_beach_with_friends_in_th-a-6_1430327529650 2805835000000578-3061005-The_images_are_among_a_collection_of_the_world_s_oldest_survivin-a-4_1430327529582 2805835400000578-3061005-Christina_O_Gorman_posed_for_her_father_electrical_engineer_and_-a-3_14303275294812805834400000578-3061005-The_teen_wore_red_as_the_vibrant_colour_captured_particularly_we-a-8_1430327529763

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