Redie: Kat Von D-Brick Red

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❤ Lip Stick, ❤Redie


Everlasting series: Brick Red





Hour lasting: 00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png
Smear-ness: 00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png (Do not recommend for dining)
Redelisious:00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png00F85CF3.png+00F85CF3.png (DIVA’s first choice)


Kat Von D has a very dramatic RED, It makes a shocking impression on me when I put it on the first time.
Without doubt, you will become the attention on the street, you need to decide whether you want the blasting attention.
Many other user say it is long lasting, but I have to disagree, it is “long lasting”, but not the way you would want, it is very obvious that you need to re-apply every couple hours, and it gets dry very easily. Once you have food, the color would smear all around including on your teeth, I would never pick this if I am going to a meal.

I never thought I would purchase a Liquid lipstick, I have only use traditional lipstick before this,
because I feel I have better control of the lipstick.
However, Kat Von D has a great design on the stick, anyone could use it easily.

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