Cafe: Parlour, leading trend in Winnipeg

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❤ Cafe, ❤ Coffee, ❤ Pour over




Parlour cafe has been in heat for quite sometimes in
Winnipeg, MB. I finally get a chance to visit after weeks of plan, they close at five and weekend at four, so isn’t the most convenience hour, hey but if u love it, u will make it there.

The interior design is simple, stool table around, approximately fifteen seats, I guess they have lots to-go guests. The cafe is full of people, they have four staffs in such small place. Which is great!


Pricing is standard with their basic, little more expensive for the fancy coffee. I went with the Bolivia pour over, charged me little more four bucks.


The bean they use this time is Phil & Sebastian, medium roast. Process method: wash by fermentation.
They have another choice on the menu this week for pour over (Panama), I went with this because they are known for having great barista, and takes some skill to nail a floral, fruity bean.

I’m no professional but the cute barista seems to know what they are doing. Hario equipments, 22 g of bean, 190-210 F•, 1:16 ratio. steep, stir and counter clockwise method.

I’m happy with the overall, but find the temperature little too high, but great coffee.


I will give it 4.4/5 for the coffee. The staffs are great warm and nice, but didn’t initiate to help nor talk, but they have extensive of side product for sale, I will give a 4/5 for the rest. 

If you like pourover and something trendy, this will be your place.

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