Trip to Portland: Benny Penni

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Benny is one of the most adorable effectionate and photogentic dog I have ever met. According to my friend,he is most likely a young chihuahua mix. Beeny wasn’t like any other chihuahua I met before, he wasn’t loud or noisy. Instead, he was quite friendly and open to meet new people except that he doesn’t like people touching his penis, which I find VERY funny.

IMG_9468 IMG_9500

Benny also has a very cute butt and tail.


Benny favorite toy is the bumble BEEEE, he would takes this toy over any other toy.

IMG_9537 IMG_9974
Benny is also a great yoga artist, check out this perfect downward dog !

Benny also has plenty playmates at home, he is super cat friedly because his size is the smallest among all!!

IMG_9890 IMG_9941IMG_9896 IMG_9927IMG_0147_副本


This is the shy-iest cat I have ever seen, and this is the only good photo I captured.

All in all, Benny would be your greatest companion in your life.
Ms.RedLip wish you all the best from CANADA!

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