Redie: The Assiniboine River

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Winnipeg was never the first selection of touristy city to most Canadian, We recnently have our Human Right Museum built, but other than that we only have couple other few things, like: The Jets, and ballet.

However, we get one extra thing in winter, we have a ice freeze river EVERY winter. The one amazing thing thing we get out of this weather. Being in -20 degree or lower for over 3-4 months per year make the river very secure to skate on. Unlike Beijing, it doesn’t get very cold there and keeps my heart beating sky high while skating on that lake.

My hubby was very happy that day, he claims that able to skate with me on that lake is like a thing in his bucket list. We made it to the river 2 weeks before spring arrive. He would been very depress if we didn’t make it that day.

I enjoy the layout they staged, the red “screen” and the lovely red chair for pushing and resting for people to use. My friend happened to dress in red too, the entire picture please me a lot.

Hopefully someone enjoy skating on the river as much as we do, if you ever come visi Winnipeg.

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