Redie, I have a problem with red: Fix the battery problem everyone has – Nokia 101

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While everyone is going after Iphone, I have tried really hard not to follow the trend, some might  claims, Blackberry is a trend too. Nevertheless, blackberry is known for it’s secuirity and business-like features, which I value the most.

My hubby often calls the smartphone “computer”, because it is capable of performs most function a average people need everyday. Behind the scene, I have this little amazing phone that keep me alive while everyone struggle with battery hours. This phone could last more than 2-3 days if you don’t talk hours and hours. The keypad  is soft and ease to type. The ringtone is loud and supports multiple simcard and SD card.

I don’t see a better phone (not computer) than this one, it’s great looking, functionble and small to carry.
It cost me less than 40 dollars to purchse that comes with 1 year warranty.

Check it out if you like!

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