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Old Soul Love: The lady in Red

I came across these photos from Daily Mail, the red caught my eyes, of course. Turned out these breathe taking photos are taken by a photographer name Mervyn O’Gorman, also known as the early pioneer of color photography. I always admire people with old school […]

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Green is the new RED

During my trip to Seattle, I found the company which produce the reusable to-go cup to Starbucks was promoting their company, and I got a few for sample. I really love it and have saved several paper cup per day drinking coffee at different cafes. […]

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Redie: Stop making excuse vest

I have always regret donating my blood the first time at twenty, not eighteen, as I promised myself when I was little. Through Canadian Blood Service, I learned that every donation goes a long way but one donation could also only go so far. As […]

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