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30mlcoffee: Sample cafe #1

This cafe has 18-20 seats. 3-4 at bar table, it has a VIP room that could sits 4-6 people and an individual toilet. The store is 35 meter square. The painting on the wall is all original and insipred by our customers stories. We have […]

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Cafe: Tandem Coffee

  It was a fabulous trip Toronto, I love that it is a city that fill with awful a lot of FABULOUS cafe. I trumped into this cafe when I was finding a breakfast store. It was a epic accident. The cafe is operate by […]

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Pour over: Mexican “Oaxaca”

Today, I tried the Mexican “Oaxaca”  roasted by Black Pearl Coffee, this is by far my favorite roaster in North America. I am a fan of heavier roast, and this Medium-Dark Roast Mexican “Oaxaca”. It is described as full bodied, sweet, nutty elixir, I can taste […]

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